Zindagi Shugar Apple (Pack Of 4)

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Zindagi Shugar Apple (Pack Of 4)
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Zindagi Shugar Apple


Zindagi  Shugar Apple is an amazing anti-diabetic herbal food supplement. It has four ingredients i.e. Elephant Apple, Stevia, Ashwagandha, Fenugreek.

Elephant apple crop is native to south-eastern Asia. Its botanical name is "Dillenia indica’ and "chalta” is the name in one of Indian languages. This Fruit has an antidiabetic, antimicrobial properties and high amount of phytochemicals. According to the latest research in Ayurvedic college, an Elephant Apple has anti-diabetic properties which can control diabetes within 21 days. It is a 100% herbal product with no side effects.


Whereas, Stevia is a natural sugar free sweetener, has zero calories, no fats and carbohydrates and Ashwagandha, the plant (withania sommifera) is a minor shrub that also bears fruits. It is an Indian Ayurvedic herb that has been used for medicinal purposes over centuries.

Fenugreek is used as a herb which is a rich source of protein,dietary fibre, vitamins and iron.


Miraculous Benefits of Zindagi Shugar Apple


  1. Zindagi Elephant Sugar Apple reduces elevated blood glucose levels and regulates the release of glucose into blood stream which is a beneficial remedy for a diabetic.
  2. Zindagi Elephant Sugar Apple boosts energy level and effective in weight loss.
  3.  Zindagi Elephant Sugar Apple helps to overcome weakness and makes body fit & strong.
  4. Zindagi Elephant Sugar Apple reduces elevated cholesterol level.
  5. Zindagi Elephant Sugar Apple improves overall stamina which leads to better sexual performance.
  6. Zindagi Elephant Sugar Apple helps to overcome the effects of stress hormones.

Ingredients- Elephant Apple powder, stevia leaves powder, ashwagandha extract, fenugreek extract

Usage – Take 1 tbsp of zindagi elephant shugar apple powder with lukewarm water in morning & evening for   

               better results.

Pack Size- 150 gm x 4

M.R.P. - Rs.936

MRP: 936

Discount : 14.6% Off

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